vr 01/02/2019 Concert ABBA.cz Tribute band

41 Waregem Goes Abba


The Exclusive Strings concept was launched in 2006, not a one-hit wonder but a uniquely strong combination of MUSIC,

FASHION & ENTERTAINMENT, a concept which worked brilliantly by offering quality and consistency.

- Performed more than 1.000 concerts worldwide

- From Dubai to Monaco, Amsterdam to Biarritz

- Winner of the music category “Beat the Best”

- Yamaha exclusive string quartet worldwide

- Based in the heart of Europe (Brussels)


ABBACZ from Prague. Two gorgeous girls with golden voices, a virtuoso keyboard player, a powerful and talented quitarist,

a grooving bass player, a steady drummer and two girls who can dance like Cleopatra and do backing vocals just like

that… Together they appear as one of the most exciting tribute bands of this moment: ABBACZ

- ABBA music is timeless and loved by a worldwide audience.Everybody knows the ear-satisfying glorious pile of unforgettable

hits with that specific exuberant sound.

- They are extremely hard to cover but the ABBACZ musicians know how to do it. And they are skilled enough to do it.

- And… they have a passion!

- The outfits, the arrangements, the sound, the dancing, the enchanting atmosphere, ABBACZ wants to bring you that

perfect show. It´s all exactly done as we all remember from way back when. And mind you, ABBACZ always plays

absolutely 100% live!

- ABBACZ means ABBA is back from being away!


Plaats: Hal

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